Crappy Airline: Lost Luggage Horror Story

My lost luggage horror story began on July 19, 2006 when 15 of my closest family and friends set out to attend my Las Vegas wedding. We were an hour from Vegas when the airplane did a u-turn in the sky. All of the passengers were told that we were headed to Pittsburgh. No one told us what was going on. When we arrived in Pittsburgh, we had a four hour wait before we were taken back to our starting departure point of Philadelphia.
There were speculations that the cockpit had over heated and could have exploded due to flying over high pressure areas. We never found out the truth. This was the worst flight experience ever. We ended up missing a whole vacation day. Once we arrived in Vegas , we went straight to the baggage claim area only to discover that our lost luggage had not arrived yet. This was one of the worst luggage horror stories in history. The airline offered everyone on the flight a $10 gift certificate, as if that was compensation for our lost time and our lost luggage.

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